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Project Services

project services

Every service in one place

Whether you want all the services or just a couple, our packages are flexible and can be tailored to your individual project.

We welcome you to select which services work best as we understand that each project is unique, and as such, they will always have different requirements.

Experienced Qualified engineers

Lighting Control Experts

Holders Technology offer a wide range of project services, providing comprehensive support on projects regardless of the size or application. 

All of our engineers are trained in wireless lighting control and have direct experience working on some of the most complex wireless lighting projects. 

Holders deliver these projects based on our specification focus, commissioning support and project management delivery strategy.

The Leading Casambi Ecosystem Partner

Why Choose Holders?

Holders Technology offers a comprehensive range of project services to assist you through every step of the project journey.


International offices

Holders Technology supplies to over 30 countries, serving a broad variety of sectors


Years of Experience

As a technology business, our products and services have coevolved with our customers’ needs


Leading Ecosystem brands

From lighting to blind controls to air purification, we do more than supply products

Explore the Limitless Possibilities

Time to Go Wireless

Large or small

Casambi is suitable for all your projects, from meeting rooms to retail stores, to large buildings like the BBC in the UK with more than 14,000 Casambi units.

Less Wires – Less problems

The wireless lighting control system has fewer components and elements to design and install. When there are no additional cables, there is lower risk in installation.

Flexibility & Connectivity

You can connect Casambi with any luminaire, sensor, switch, or other lighting components. That’s how Casambi meets your needs today and tomorrow.

DALI Compatible

Casambi supports key industry standards and interfaces. DALI, EnOcean, 1-10V, PWM and phase cut dimmable devices and light sources can all be seamlessly used in Casambi networks.

A Casambi certified engineer

Pre-commissioning visit, on-site or in the office to agree a functional specification to ensure the project is commissioned as expected

Commissioning Certificate issued

Option to have staggered commissioning as each phase is completed or a basic commissioning setup 

Optional training and maintenance packages available

We offer a range of training packages and maintenance packages so you don’t need to worry about any future changes

Get connected

Why Bluetooth
Lighting Control?

The Casambi lighting control offers a wireless lighting control solution where the system topology is a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) mesh network, and all nodes connect to each other directly and non-hierarchically.

All intelligence is replicated in each node without the need for WiFi, Intranet, Routers or Gateways.

The Casambi system is controlled by the Casambi App available for iOS and Android systems. It supports 250 nodes per network, with no network quantity limitations.

We Support Your Project Every Step Of The Way

Our project services are there to help guide you through the world of wireless lighting controls.

Why not speak to us today to see what’s possible?