Emergency lighting management
made simple

Emergency lighting must comply with regulations. When a device fails – how quickly is it known, acknowledged and rectified? A slow and manual process of preventative methods can be as dangerous as no emergency lighting at all.

Holders Analytics shows you all of your emergency lighting estate data in a simple and accessible way.

The clear dashboard overview tracks the status of your whole estate from a single screen.

Having this information at your fingertips enables you to monitor device status, optimise maintenance and demonstrate historic compliance.

How it works

Emergency DATA MADE simple

A single dashboard

Track the performance of your entire emergency lighting estate through your browser

Granular data

Drill down in to specific sites to see the detail of your emergency test history

Enhanced Maintenance

Ensure delivery of maintenance KPIs and make the most of every site visit

Simplify compliance

Configurable, real-time notifications of device status and test results

Secure & flexible data extraction

From a simple email to full API data integration – securely connects data from multiple emergency lighting vendors

Simplify your emergency lighting management, monitor compliance remotely, proactively schedule maintenance