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Beginner? Expert? Somewhere in the middle? We have a training session to suit all levels of ability and experience.

We offer training workshops with equipment identical to Casambi’s with expert engineers that have worked on some of the most complex wireless lighting control projects in the world.

Training takes place in a variety of locations across the UK so there is likely to be one closeby.

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Training Courses

Basic Course

The aim of the “General” Casambi training course, is to give the trainee a basic understanding of the Casambi BLE lighting control system.

This course is ideal for anyone with little to no knowledge of Casambi.

By the end of the 2 day course, the trainee will be able to create simple
networks with basic levels of control.

Advanced Course

The aim of the “Enhanced” Casambi training course, is to build on the basic
knowledge gained in the “General” training, and enable the trainee to design and deliver Casambi BLE lighting controls on to real world projects.

This course is designed for users of Casambi with a basic understanding of the system. By the end of the course, the trainee will be able to design and create multi-network projects with complex control strategies and integration into third party control platforms.

Learn - Control - Scale - Innovate

With Holders Technology’s Expert Engineers

4C Certification

While 4C is not technically a training course but instead more of an examination, it does take training to undertake and it is definitely technical.

The 4C course is aimed solely at individuals with a high proficiency in designing, commissioning and configuring Casambi networks.

This is is not a “training” course and is not suitable for those unfamiliar with Casambi.

The aim of the course is to evaluate the competency of the individual and, where this competency is deemed to be sufficient, will result in the issuing of an official competency certificate by Casambi as well as the individual being listed as 4C qualified on the Casambi website. Companies and organisations cannot be “4C certified” nor can they claim to be 4C accredited. Companies may promote that they have Casambi certified staff in their employment.

For more information or to ask any questions about the different training courses on offer, please get in touch with us at marketing@holderstechnology.com and we’ll be happy to provide you with answers for any general or technical queries..

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For all Disciplines

Whether you’re a contractor interested in smart buildings or work for a manufacturer, we would be delighted to share the information with you.

With an ever growing amount of smart projects of all types, sizes and applications, there’s valuable insights you can gain for just about any kind of job.


Although inevitably there is theory to learn, a significant part is hands-on, practical exercises to teach in an active way for those that learn by doing.


Once you figure out the basics, it’s then possible to step it up a notch and add those nodes. With Casambi, the possibilities are endless.


The beauty of wireless controls is that it offers the ability to experiment and try new things. Only by playing around will you discover the potential.

From the Basics all the way to Expert

We’re here to help.

We understand that everyone has different levels of knowledge and that people often prefer to learn in a variety of ways.

Speak to us about how we can make the process better for you as an individual by tailoring the course to your preferred learning style.