Maintenance Packages

Peace of Mind

Once lighting controls are installed and all working correctly, Holders Technology offer optional maintenance packages so there is always a fully qualified engineer to help you make changes later down the line.

Although controls will always be commissioned properly, often the needs of the building owner will change over time and spaces become adapted for different uses. In this way, our engineers can help to make tweaks to the system so the functions coevolve alongside the building.

you are not alone

Ongoing professional support when you need it most:

A maintenance package gives the building’s users peace of mind that when any amendments are required, they can be made quickly and efficiently.

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Flexible Solutions Fit for Tomorrow

Times Change

Your building needs to serve it’s occupants – both now and 10 years from now. Futureproof your building with Casambi to allow for the digital services of tomorrow.

Rewind time

With Casambi now having a roll-back function – ‘You can’t break it’.

We can always take it right back to how it was signed off on day one of project completion.

Finally, because it has been done formally and not ad hoc, we can always offer to make changes remotely should any fine-tuning be needed with the advantage of having a record for future reference.

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From hardware to maintenance packages, we take care of everything

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