Smart Lighting

Intelligent lighting is more than just automation, it’s the ability to leverage data to improve people’s lives.

What is SMART Lighting?


Self monitoring

Smart lighting at it's most basic level means that it can be controlled remotely, usually through the use of a mobile app.



One of the key advantages with smart lighting is the data it feeds back to its users. This data can help users make decisions.


Reporting technology

Of course, all this data is useless unless it can be compiled and presented in an easy to understand format with the user in mind.

Why Consider Smart Lighting?


Casambi smart lighting technology provides the infrastructure and communications backbone to any building, with interfaces available to other lighting protocols, such as Dali and DMX.

Casambi Commissioning

Holders Technology take care of commissioning Casambi lighting controls so you don't need to be concerned about the set up and will even issue you with a commissioning certificate so you're sure everything has been handled properly.

holders analytics

Data Analytics

Once everything is up and running you can take advantage of the full suite of features that makes smart lighting increasingly popular. By opting for Holders Analytics, you'' have the ability to remotely monitor your building's energy consumption, manage your emergency lighting and even keep track of occupancy levels in your spaces.

Harness the Power of Data

Track, analyse and improve your facility with Holders Analytics. Our proprietary software means you can use real data-driven decisions based on your environment. No need to use the opinion of others or your own guesswork – let the numbers be your guide.

Building Data

cut energy bills

Track energy consumption, measure building occupancy, report lighting faults and monitor air quality to optimise building performance, space utilisation and maintenance processes.
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Emergency Lighting

Simplify Emergency lighting management

Remotely and centrally monitor your estate’s emergency lighting. Better plan and prioritise your maintenance resources and stay on top of compliance effortlessly.
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Occupancy Plus

Make the Most of your space

Anonymously track how occupants interact with your buildings and their environment. Use walking route, linger and hotspot data to understand space efficiency and optimise productivity of the estate.
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Explore the limitless possibilities with the world's leading wireless lighting control solutions

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