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Holders Technology is a leading provider of Casambi Bluetooth lighting control systems; our offering of wireless lighting includes the largest range of ecosystem hardware products, as well as all services required to successfully support and maintain the implementation of smart lighting projects.

casambi wireless

Why use Casambi?

When it comes to wireless lighting, Holders maintains a three phase approach: design, hardware, and project services of Casambi Bluetooth lighting controls, management of the lighting, energy, and occupancy data through the Holders Smart Lighting solution and lastly, management of data from 3rd party systems, through the Holders Smart Building solution.


why casambi controls?

Explore the limitless possibilities with the world's leading wireless lighting control solutions

project services

From hardware to maintenance packages, we take care of everything

casambi ecosystem

With an ever growing ecosystem, Casambi is compatible with all sorts of components

Holders Data analytics

Manage your building's energy efficiency, emergency lighting and spaces all remotely

Every lighting control service in one place

Holders offers a wide range of project services, including commercial lighting installation, and can provide support on any human-centric lighting or Casambi lighting project. Look at our case studies to see the experience we have and the scale of projects that we have successfully delivered. Holders delivered these projects based on our specification focus, commissioning support and project management delivery strategy.

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Making buildings smarter

Cut Costs, Increase Efficiency, Improve Sustainability

Smart Buildings

casambi Wireless Control

Casambi is a world-leading provider of Bluetooth lighting control systems.  Find out how the Casambi system delivers value and performance for commercial lighting projects of all sizes and how it can be integrated with existing wired lighting systems, as well as building management systems.

Smart Lighting

Holders Technology has developed the first data analytics system to be compatible with Casambi Bluetooth lighting controls.  The Holders Smart Lighting solution focuses on the management of the lighting, energy, and occupancy aspects of the building through a simple interface for desktop and smart devices.

Smart Building

Holders Smart Building offers all functionality within the Holders Smart Lighting solution, as well as aggregating, storing, and reporting data from 3rd party systems such as emergency lighting, air quality monitoring, HVAC etc. Holders Smart Building also offers the possibility to export data to the building’s BMS.

Holders Technology offer Smart Building presentations on request so if you would like to know more or ask any questions, please get in touch with us directly.


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