Berry Brothers Family Reserve

Client: Berry Bros. & Rudd
Architect: Mowat & Co.
Lighting Design: LAPD
Planning Consultant: CMA Planning
QS: Stockdale
Contractor: Cumberland Group
Controls: Holders Technology

The extensive renovation of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s family reserve cellar beneath their Pall Mall residence, opposite St. James’ Palace in London, England, marks a significant milestone in preserving the legacy of Britain’s oldest family-run wine and spirit merchant. With roots dating back to 1698 and the distinction of holding two Royal Warrants, this cherished site required a delicate balance of modernization and historical preservation. Mowat & Co. led the architectural vision, while LAPD brought their expertise to the lighting design, ensuring the space seamlessly harmonized contemporary features with the cellar’s historical allure. CMA Planning provided invaluable guidance through the planning process, while Stockdale managed the project’s financial aspects. Cumberland Group executed the renovation, and Holders Technology played a crucial role in implementing cutting-edge lighting controls.

Project Goals and Challenges

The renovation aimed to modernize the cellar, addressing critical factors such as cooling, humidity control, security, and lighting, while preserving its historical charm. The cellar, being a Grade 2 listed space, required meticulous planning and execution to respect its heritage while introducing modern functionalities. LAPD collaborated closely with Holders Technology to integrate quality LED fittings and Casambi’s wireless controls, minimizing cabling and enabling dynamic lighting management through switches and a phone app.

Innovative Lighting Solutions

Holders Technology’s contribution to the project was instrumental in achieving the desired lighting outcomes. By incorporating Casambi’s wireless controls, LAPD was able to create a lighting system that not only met the functional requirements but also enhanced the cellar’s ambiance. Quality LED fittings provided energy-efficient illumination while Casambi’s controls offered flexibility and ease of use. The ability to dim lights selectively allowed for the creation of a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere, respecting the cellar’s heritage while embracing modernity.

Recognition and Awards

The project garnered attention from industry experts, with judges commending its aesthetic finesse and thoughtful preservation of historical features. The subtle lighting touches highlighted select areas without overwhelming the space, contributing to a luxurious ambiance. The decision to dim lights low added depth and character, crafting a truly fantastic atmosphere. Above all, the project’s effort to protect and honour the cellar’s unique charm while introducing modern functionalities earned it accolades and recognition.

The renovation of Berry Bros. & Rudd’s family reserve cellar stands as a testament to the successful integration of modern technology with historical preservation. Through the collaborative efforts of Mowat & Co., LAPD, CMA Planning, Stockdale, Cumberland Group, and Holders Technology, the cellar has been transformed into a modern reserve while retaining its timeless charm.

The innovative use of lighting controls, including Holders Technology’s implementation of Casambi’s wireless solution, has elevated the space, creating a destination that honours the past while embracing the future. This project serves as a shining example of how thoughtful design and cutting-edge technology can coexist harmoniously, enriching both heritage and functionality.