Bank of Scotland Headquarters

Holders Technology played a pivotal role in modernizing the Bank of Scotland’s headquarters in Edinburgh’s historic area, The Mound. This involved lighting control design across seven floors, focusing on enhancing energy efficiency and user experience while carefully preserving the building’s heritage.

In January 2022, Holders Technology received an invitation to participate in the lighting refurbishment initiative at the Bank of Scotland headquarters. The project, located in Edinburgh’s historically significant area, aimed to upgrade the lighting system across seven floors of the architecturally renowned building designed by Sir William Chambers. The Category A listed structure underwent renovation to achieve improved energy efficiency while respecting its historical importance.

Mitie Technical Services, the UK Facilities Management partner engaged by Bank of Scotland, oversaw the lighting refurbishment. The existing lighting system, comprised of various light sources, had reached the end of its life, necessitating an upgrade. The challenge included devising a suitable lighting solution for meeting rooms with different light sources. Holders Technology, in collaboration with Casambi, provided an effective solution by repurposing existing lights and implementing Casambi’s smart lighting control system throughout the building.

The selection of Casambi by Holders Technology was driven by the complexities of the building’s heritage and the need for a simple, reconfigurable lighting control system. Kevin Evans, Lighting Solutions Director at Mitie, highlighted the importance of Casambi’s technology in addressing the challenges posed by the historical building’s structure.

The project involved the refurbishment and reuse of highly decorative pendant lighting from Stoane Lighting, with integration of Casambi to provide advanced control features. Holders Technology, working closely with Casambi and other partners, contributed to the successful transformation of the lighting system, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation process.

Casambi’s system, with a minimal hardware footprint, discreet and scalable components, and versatility in accommodating various challenges, proved to be the optimal control solution. The collaboration between Casambi, Holders Technology, and other partners showcased a holistic approach to project execution, ensuring a triumphant outcome.

The project not only achieved its goals in terms of energy efficiency and improved user experience but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainability. The environmentally friendly aspects, including Stoane’s ReNew concept and Casambi’s minimal hardware requirements, reflected a dedication to reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

The involvement of Holders Technology in the lighting refurbishment project at Bank of Scotland’s headquarters underscores its commitment to delivering innovative, energy-efficient, and discreet smart lighting control solutions. Through collaborative efforts and a focus on sustainability, Holders Technology, along with its partners, successfully modernized the lighting system while preserving the historical significance of the building. The project serves as a testament to Casambi’s technology in meeting the diverse needs of complex commercial properties, ensuring energy savings and an enhanced user experience.