Design Offices

Design Offices is the leading provider of corporate coworking spaces in Germany,
with a total area of approximately 173,000 square meters spanning over 40 locations
in 15 cities.

The Design Offices philosophy centres around four relevant types of work: focus,
collaboration, learning and socialising – each of which requires its own specific
atmosphere with a different focus. Each space is carefully designed to suit each type
of work and engender an ambience conducive to the cooperation that takes place in
the rooms.

All Design Office locations are fitted with unique workspace types to suit a wide
variety of needs, ranging in size and function. These include smaller private offices
to mid-size loft spaces, lounge areas and larger spaces such as the arenas and
outside meeting spaces. Whether working alone or with a colleague, having
meetings, conferences, training, or work parties, there is something for every
Lighting Designer, Alexander Veiel, was responsible for determining the different
lighting concepts for the space:

  •  Indirect/Direct light ratio
  • Lighting scenes
  •  Control points (EnOcean, Xpress)
  •  Tuneable white
  •  RGB lighting
  •  Presence detection

Casambi was chosen for Design Offices due to its unrivalled flexibility. All spaces
have the ability to be changed – all walls are portable and all desks can be placed in
different areas – everything inside is mobile. Office areas are used for all kinds of
activities. For example, sometimes a miniature fair will occur during lunch hours and
there is a need to have meetings in another room. One space might be used for an
after-work party so if there is a requirement for more floor space, the modular design
allows for dynamic moveability. Another reason why Casambi was chosen is
because of its ability to futureproof a facility. If a new service is added to the offices
later, their functionalities are capable of being updated wirelessly so any project is up
to date with the latest technology instantaneously. This solution works perfectly for
progressive companies such as Design Offices and their need to evolve and be an
attractive option – now and in the future.

Holders Technology was chosen to supply some of the Casambi ecosystem
hardware, as well as provide technical support on the project. Holders works very
closely with over 40 Casambi ecosystem suppliers, and as a result, has a very large
stock of hardware available for next-day delivery. More importantly, Holders has the
expertise to know which products are compatible with one another as well as offering
a wide range of services to support the projects. Holders Technology has
accrued this experience and technical know-how from implementing large-scale
projects – offering technical design services, right through to training clients on-site
and offering annual maintenance packages.