At Holders, as experts when it comes to LED design, we understand that specifying the right component is critical to a lighting manufacturer’s success, but we also realise that it takes so much more than components to deliver a professional lighting product. Our hugely experienced lighting team recognises that the design, quality and cost of  products are just as important as the performance of individual components, which is where our LED Design and Manufacture Service comes in. From small modifications of individual components to complete, packaged LED module assemblies, Holders can help.  

Using lighting components from our core range of suppliers, supplemented with COB & optic holders, interfaces, leads, phase change materials and other components, Holders’ LED Design and Manufacture Service can take your idea and make it a reality. With manufacturing batches from one and up, whether you need a special piece or regular stock quantities of your product, we can help design, test, assemble and package just the way you want and to your exacting standards. 

As the official and often exclusive partner for our brands, we are also best positioned to design and redesign your product using the latest and forthcoming components and technologies, meaning your product will always have a technical and commercial edge.