Bespoke LED module

Building a product to deliver our customer’s brand

Our customer is a manufacturer of desirable spotlights for use in high end residential, gallery and retail applications, using their strong brand to secure major projects around the world. In their products, branding and performance are equally important, with products required to perform both on the desks of the most demanding lighting designers, and to the public in their global flagship showrooms. Like many companies however, capacity to design, test and build components and assemblies can be limited, and a flexible supply chain model, adding value and services, is required.

As a bespoke LED supplier and experts in commercial lighting design, Holders Technology’s portfolio of light sources, optics and heat sinks provided the ideal basis for a co-development of a modular solution, aimed at delivering excellent colour quality, accurate beam performance and longevity. Starting with the building blocks of Luminus’s high CRI CXM COB range, Ledlink’s interchangeable optics and Mechatronix’s highly designed coolers, Holders developed a range of LED modules which met the customer’s brief, supplemented by modification work to the heat sink, cable strain relief, plastics and leads to give a truly customised and branded solution. Finally, Holders package the product in high end, branded packaging which looks right at home in a London high street lighting store.

Products Used:

  • Luminus CXM-6
  • Ledlink CEW range
  • Mechatronix Moduled Pico
  • Holders design & assembly service