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Entity Elettronica is today one of the leading and best known italian companies in the design and development of electronic boards for civil and industrial use and for the LED.
Constantly committed to seeking intelligent solutions for greater technological innovation, Entity Elettronica’s progress stems from a forward-looking approach.
Passion, enthusiasm and dynamism come from the early days, and have been increased over time by new staff and important partnerships that have consolidated this leading position in our market.

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Entity ┬áhas always distinguished itself through its co-engineering service, enabling it to engage in close collaboration with clients to provide innovative technical solutions for project definition. The primary services offered by the company encompass tasks ranging from designing to the customer’s specifications, delivering advanced pre-series production, handling both niche and large-scale serial production, and ultimately delivering the market-ready finished product. This comprehensive service is closely supervised by a team of highly skilled personnel, supported by appropriate instrumentation.

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Realizing Your Ideas

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