Casambi is one of the fastest growing wireless control systems in the world. Casambi technology is based on Bluetooth Low Energy and provides the most advanced lighting control solution in the market. Casambi has been implemented in many partner products, to create a very large ecosystem of Casambi enabled products, all of which communicate seamlessly together. The bluetooth mesh technology coupled with the expansive range of products available, has resulted in Casambi technology being implemented in very large projects across the world, which are highlighted in the case studies section on our Wireless Lighting Controls website.

Holders Technology has been working very closely with Casambi, as a technical sales and support partner since 2016, selling a complete range of hardware, as well as providing all technical support and project services necessary for any project.  In 2020, Holders also launched Holders Technology Data Analytics to provide a data analytics dashboard for all Casambi data requirements.  All information about products, project and data services can be found on our Wireless Lighting Controls website.