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Improving Life with Photons

About Luminus Devices

For almost two decades, Luminus has worked with the lighting community to solve its most challenging problems. For much of its first decade, Luminus focused on improving energy efficiency, light output, the quality of light, and longevity. Through developing new form factors to address the needs in many different application areas including architectural and urban, displays and projection, horticulture and illumination.

Over the last several years, having successfully addressed technology challenges, Luminus has been working with lighting designers to make sure that their LED technology can replace CDM, halogen and other conventional technologies without sacrificing colour quality, centre beam punch, sparkle, dimming capability and quality.

While on first glance, Luminus may look like an LED company, Luminus Devices is a company focused on solving lighting problems inside, outside, for living and for working.

Lighting for Health

Read Luminus Devices’ whitepaper on human centric lighting. Discover how architects, lighting designers, and building owners can balance the need for artificial illumination with concerns for human well-being and productivity.


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Achieving Optimal Color Rendition with LEDs

A Review of Various Models for Classifying Light Source Colour Rendition and Guide to Using LEDs to Achieve Fidelity Color Rendering for Retail and Other Indoor Environments.

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improving life with photons

Get the most out of your luminaire by beginning with the most vital of ingredients – a high quality LED chip.

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