Ledlink’s mission is to help customers optimise optics. Lenses are available in a wide variety of packages with numerous beam pattern options and sizes.


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About Ledlink

Established in 2008, Ledlink Optics Inc are experts in designing and manufacturing optics for the leading solid state lighting companies such as Cree, Edison, Lumileds, Nichia, Osram, Samsung, Seoul and other LED Manufacturers.

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Manufacturing Services

Full cycle manufacturing - from design, to testing, to quality control

Optical Design

3~160 degrees secondary optical design, to enhance the LED light source for a number of applications, let the light fixture system can be effectively utilized for lighting purposes, to provide any customization needs for the optimized solutions.

Mechanical Design

Fine tuning of the mechanical design is available. This does not affect the luminous effect in the most cases. However, increasing the possibility of a lens may require changes in assembly or the ability to feature the same product in a wider variety of applications. Contact us to find out more.

Tooling Design

LedLink have the following machines: Axis 60000 Diamond Turning Machines, 3 Axis 1500 RPM Machines, 5 Axis 120000 RPM Diamond Turning Machine, CNC Machines, Mirror Effect Electrical Discharge Machine, Wire Cutting Machines, Normal Electrical Discharge Machines

Testing Laboratory

Goniometer - 5 sets Angle Tester - 2 sets Integrating Sphere - 4 sets 2D Measure - 11 sets 3D Measure - 2 sets Surface Profilometer - 1 set Programmable Humidity / Temp Chamber Thermal Shock (-40~150°C) UV Aging Vibrate Tester Push-Out Tester Torque Tester Drop Tester IK Tester

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We can help you achieve any lit effect. It starts with just sending us a message.