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For over 70 years, Stucchi has been a leader in the realm of lighting, crafting top-notch components under the hallmark of “Made in Italy” excellence. Throughout the decades, their growth has been strengthened by the strong rapport they’ve cultivated with the specification community. Their role has grown from being a mere component provider to establishing themselves as a dependable collaborator, joining forces to architect illumination solutions.

Throughout all their endeavours, the sharing of insights and perspectives remains a cornerstone of their approach. Stucchi firmly believes that the most ingenious solutions come to fruition when someone passionately believes in them.

The lighting market, intricate and swiftly evolving, presents an array of trials. The emergence of LED technology posed a substantial trial for Stucchi, one they confronted head-on. Stucchi extended their product range without forsaking their core enterprise. It is their commitment to research and development which receives annual investment, enriching the repertoire of comprehensive solutions. The embodiments of this strategy are exemplified by their track lighting systems – namely ONETRACK and MULTISYSTEM.

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