Preconfigured LED drivers

Delivering flexibility as standard

The latest generation of performance LED drivers offer endless programmability, but most manufacturers only require a handful of configurations to cover their range. Whilst many driver manufacturers offer OEM tools to allow for programming of their products, the hassle of preconfiguring drivers during or before assembly can outweigh the benefits recognised by achieving just the right output or dimming curve, and as a result, many manufacturers shun these processes and use DIP switches to set a product “close enough”.

As experts in lighting components and LED manufacture, sourcing LED drivers from Holders Technology allows manufacturers to specify the exact performance of their product, without compromise, and without having to set up new manufacturing processes to program the drivers. In particular, the best-in-class CLi15, CLi25 and CLi40 LED drivers from Harvard Power Systems, programmable in 1mA steps and delivering dimming to 0.1% via configurable dim curves, could be a nightmare to set up on your production line, but when delivered from Holders Technology, these products can be fine-tuned to meet your exact requirements, and can even be pre-assembled with leads to speed up your assembly or installation.

Products Used:

  • Harvard CLi Dali Drivers