Driverless LED module

When Plan B becomes Plan A

What do you do when your original concept isn’t possible? At Holders Technology, we look for an even better lighting solution. Our customer delivers intricate lighting solutions, using natural materials, into stylish hospitality and residential applications but their first choice LED solution was no longer possible. To make things even more complicated, the beautiful fittings had no capacity to house LED drivers or power supplies and lighting excellence was demanded.

Against this demanding brief, Holders designed, built and delivered a LED module concept which excelled. Assembling AC Mains driven LED modules from Optoga on to state-of-the-art Mechatronix heat sinks, the fittings did away with the need for bulky power supplies or LED drivers and could be entirely contained within the stylish luminaire housings, ready for deployment into their new 5-star homes.

Products Used:

  • Optoga Steffi-D
  • Mechatronix Moduled Pico
  • Holders Design & Assembly Service