Holders Technology Partners with LUX-TSI

Holders Technology is delighted to announce the partnership with the UK’s leading lighting test house, LUX-TSI.

The lighting industry continues to change at a rapid pace with new technologies becoming available faster than ever before. However, it is common for confusion and mistrust of data to arise in this climate, making it essential to have a reliable source to keep up with the latest regulations, requirements and ensure full data accuracy and transparency.

LUX-TSI is a leading provider of testing and certification services, covering a wide range of needs, including Photometry, Energy Efficiency, Safety, Environmental, and more. They can even assist with energy performance incentive schemes like CEC and ECA.

LUX-TSI boasts advanced equipment, such as the Type C Moving Mirror Goniophotometer and a 30m tunnel for retro-reflective testing. As an accredited UKAS and ISO 17025 laboratory, clients can trust the quality of their services. They offer support in the UK and internationally, making them a go-to choice for lighting testing and consultancy needs.

Since Holders Technology is an official partner of LUX-TSI, we can provide our customers access to exclusive discounts. To learn more about their range of services or discounts available, please contact marketing@holderstechnology.com for more information.

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