Ensure continuous data flow in your Smart Building - for lighting control and beyond

Smart Buildings resemble human bodies, where each room and corridor serves a distinct purpose.

Every room requires specific services, and for optimal performance and sustainability, both individual rooms and the entire building rely on data. Various solutions and systems are necessary to meet data demands, acting as vital organs within the building. Similar to the heart and circulatory system in the human body, Wirepas ensures seamless data flow between vital systems, sustaining the building’s operation.

Smart Building ecosystems

Wirepas Massive presents a broad technological foundation upon which solution providers can construct their offerings. This technology allows all solutions to utilise the same network without disrupting each other (or other networks on the same frequency band) and gather all data into a central system.

A system integrator, serving as the operational hub, integrates all solution components and establishes a backend with business intelligence. Meanwhile, a visualisation company ensures that users have a real-time digital replica of the building.


The network serves as the fundamental link connecting all essential lighting fixtures and sensors (e.g., air quality, temperature, and humidity), functioning akin to the circulatory system. It transmits sensor data through a gateway to backend systems and then to heating, air conditioning, and lighting control systems.

Positioning data is relayed to visualization platforms to ensure easy asset location for workers. Additionally, the same technology must emit beacons that any smart device can interpret, enabling wireless light switches and wayfinding. Ultimately, all vital components (the solutions and systems) receive the necessary data (oxygen) to operate efficiently.

Technology that improves lives

Responding promptly to changes in temperature, humidity, air quality, and light can conserve energy. This is particularly advantageous for facility managers and owners as it minimises labour and cuts costs. Energy efficiency not only benefits finances but also the environment.

Construction contractors can also reap the rewards of this technology during the building phase. They can track their tools and equipment and employ sensing capabilities (e.g., for hazardous gases) to safeguard their workers’ well-being.

In the future, all buildings have the potential to be smart.

Tieto Empathic Building has successfully integrated various operators and technologies to offer their office environment solution. Haltian devices are interconnected using Wirepas Massive for sensing purposes (e.g., meeting room occupancy), eliminating the need for meeting room reservations as available rooms are visible on a real-time map.

Looking ahead, we anticipate the emergence of smart shopping malls, where a single network technology serves as the backbone for building management, maintenance teams, retailers, and consumers alike. Cleaning carts and equipment, as well as roll cages transporting goods to stores, can be tracked.

Goods-in processes can be automated, and sensors can monitor air quality, temperature, and humidity to enable real-time system adjustments. Fire detection systems can trigger alerts on consumers’ phones, while smart washrooms can enhance cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

Smart factories are also embracing the challenge of boosting productivity by implementing asset tracking on the shop floor. Sensors in valves can detect escaping gases and alert if valves are not closed properly. Waste management processes can be enhanced through sensor technology. Moreover, the working environment can be optimised for increased production by utilising sensors to provide real-time data to heating and air conditioning systems.

ABOUT Wirepas

Wirepas is a technology company known for its expertise in wireless connectivity solutions. Their innovative technology enables devices to communicate effectively over large areas, forming robust mesh networks. These networks facilitate seamless communication between various devices, such as sensors and actuators, without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Wirepas technology is valued for its simplicity, reliability, and low power consumption, making it suitable for diverse applications, from smart buildings and industrial IoT to asset tracking and logistics. Overall, Wirepas plays a crucial role in advancing connectivity and enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

Wirepas Connectivity


Wirepas Mesh

The largest massive IoT mesh requires technology that’s able to scale both performance and cost. Everyone claims massive. Wirepas prefer facts over marketing talk.


Profiles and Chipsets

Every IoT use case is unique. Therefore, Wirepas decided to create different connectivity suite profiles to fit your application requirements.


Wirepas Positioning

Leveraging the Mesh 2.4 GHz low power consumption, Wirepas provides a comprehensive suite for positioning. Typically used for asset tracking, tracking of people, or global logistic.



Secure, the fastest, and least expensive network installation. Possible using Wirepas mesh. Any company can afford to build a data-rich IoT network. Maintenance costs are close to zero.

Wirepas Technology

Wirepas is a leading technology provider offering wireless connectivity solutions. Their technology enables devices to communicate with each other efficiently over a wide area, forming a reliable and scalable mesh network.

Smart Tracking


No wires. Fully battery operated. No infrastructure. Wirepas makes asset tracking with their Massive Tracking software so affordable that it lets you track everything, even low-cost assets. People, parts, tools, livestock, or something else. Essential in logistics and warehouses, very very good in healthcare, construction, and factories. It tracks everything.

Smart Energy and Smart City

Reading smart meters or controlling street lights requires reliable, scalable, and long-range connectivity. That’s what Wirepas offers. Whatever you need to connect on a massive scale, Wirepas mesh or 5G Mesh is your choice. The latter is based on the latest non-cellular 5G standard. Wirepas partners have deployed over 5 million devices using their technology.

The biggest one is a smart metering network. More than one million devices are connected with a 99.9% Service Level Agreement. You read it right. One single network. With way lower total cost of ownership than any other option. Easy to roll out with minimal network planning and without heavy infrastructure. Update your device software over the air. It’s autonomous and self-healing, unlike PLC. Wirepas made many device manufacturers become shiny solution providers. You can be the next.


Smart Building

Wirepas gives you IoT connectivity like no one else. Connect every sensor, tag, actuator, or luminaire in your entire building to a single network. Mains-connected or battery-operated, doesn’t matter. You get low-cost and killer performance. Forget about complex network deployment. Wirepas bring you simplicity.

Emergency Lighting

Upgrade your emergency lighting with IoT technology. Enjoy simplified installation and maintenance with Wirepas Connectivity Suite. Whether for small or large installations, from basic functionality to advanced features like dynamic pictograms or indoor wayfinding, Wirepas offers versatile solutions for the emergency lighting market.

Lighting control & beyond

Embrace new use cases and scalability confidently with Wirepas. Experience reliable connectivity performance when expanding your network or incorporating new applications. 

Achieve dependable lighting control at any scale, with the flexibility to utilise low-power nodes for various purposes such as occupancy detection, asset tracking, and indoor wayfinding. Fully utilise the Wirepas ecosystem by integrating additional sensors, tags, gateways, or any other necessary components.

Smart Manufacturing

Monitor what you haven’t monitored before. Connect all your machines—every single one. Optimize your manufacturing efficiency. Wirepas Connectivity Suite is affordable and easy to deploy, combining performance in throughput, latency, or power consumption. Even in the harshest and most demanding environments, Wirepas connectivity will always find a way to keep your devices connected.

Afford to improve. Quick and easy.

Installation is swift and straightforward. The system operates autonomously. A Wirepas connectivity network requires minimal infrastructure, allowing you to focus on the benefits without encountering bottlenecks. Enhance machine performance at a significantly reduced cost.

Connect millions of devices. Failure-free.

Listen to your machinery

Unplanned downtime is the nightmare of any manufacturer. Leading global industrial and automotive supplier Schaeffler was working on a cloud based IoT solution for machine condition monitoring. But how do you add sensors to make all your machinery talk without cost getting out of hand?