Vadsbo LD220

Bluetooth controlled LED dimmer

The LD220 from Vadsbo is a 200VA Casambi enabled LED dimmer, also compatible with other mains dimmable light sources such as Halogen or Incandescent lamps. With dimming all the way to off, this dimmer makes control of lighting circuits via Casambi simple and quick to instal. Designed to fit into a switch back box, the LD220 is small enough to house wherever it is convenient and can take a momentary live contact to act as a Casambi switch to control the connected load or any other device in the network. 

To make installation even simpler, the LD220 can be supplied in the CBU-BOX with push in L,N & E terminals, cable strain relief and a pre-wired output tail of 0.5m. Just ask for CBU-BOX-LD220.

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