Ceiling Flush Mounted Passive InfraRed (PIR) Occupancy Detector & Photocell

This flush mounted sensor is suitable for easy mounting through a 73/75mm diameter hole into a ceiling void which is at least 78mm deep. For optimum coverage, mounting height is recommended between 2.4m – 3m giving a detection diameter of up to 7m. The integrated light sensor can be used for daylight dimming or as a photocell.

Suitable for most applications including commercial, industrial, education, retail hospitality and many more.

DANLERS Limited manufacture a range of Casambi enabled energy saving controls for integration with other CASAMBI enabled products. Like all Casambi products, these controls will automatically form a wireless mesh network. The lighting can be easily controlled by the Casambi app with fully adjustable settings, creating a cost effective energy saving solution.

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