Track lighting adapters

Mount luminaires to your track lighting with ease.

Track Lighting Accessories

Terminal Blocks, Connectors, Linear Coupling - we supply everything you need to get your track lighting up and running. We stock many accessories, including suspension kits, live and dead ends and jointers as well as mounting and cutting tools. Anything you need, we're here to help.

onetrack track lighting adapters

ONETRACKTM ADVANCE keeps the peculiar and successful features of ONETRACKTM range, evolving into its new version increasing its added values.

Sustainably produced:

  • Saving of raw materials: -23%
  • Less CO2 emissions:  PRODUCTION -10.4%    TRANSPORT: -15% 

e-track track lighting adapters

E-TRACK: the new product range certified to be used in emergency lighting applications. It is a 230V ON/OFF system suitable for use with emergency standard or combo lighting fixtures with onboard battery.
The system is ENEC certified thanks to the use of special accessories, connections and adapters kits. E-TRACK system is based on the existing ONETRACK ADVANCE thus providing compatibility with its accessories without the need of a new stock.

48v track lighting

MULTISYSTEM track lighting adapters

MULTISYSTEM system focuses on simplicity of installation and use, as well as expanding the target market for this range.

The technical and system features such as track dimensions and components, as well as the range completeness, remain unchanged while magnetic system elements are eliminated.

Therefore, a purely mechanical installation of lighting fixtures is adopted, equally immediate and effective, without the use of tools.

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