Track lighting accessories

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Need Parts? We’ll Get you everything you need

Track lighting often requires quite a few bits and pieces which can seem complicated. Holders Technology are her to lend a helping hand to make sure your track system includes all the components for a fully functional track.

terminal blocks

Connections catalogue

Track covers

Aesthetic covers to change the colour or finish of your track lighting.

— PMMA body. Available colours: Black RAL9005 (B), white RAL9016 (W2)
— Available length: 3000 mm

Track screens

Screens for track systems to aim the light correctly.

Example shown is of Senzafine wallwasher – S-9500/WW-3000

— Polycarbonate body
— Length: 3000 mm

cutting tool for track


Cutting tools for tracks are available. Please enquire to check that you are using the correct tool for the track system type.


For fixing on the track
— Polyamide body.Available colours: black RAL9005 (B), grey RAL7035 (G) and white RAL9010 (W)
— Zinc plated steel hook
— Max. load: 50N

Surface mounted Connectors

Polycarbonate body. Available colours: black RAL9005 (B), grey RAL7035 (G) and white RAL9010 (W)
— Copper alloy contacts
— Green PBT insert
— PVC adhesive label (x4)
This item is pre-wired and the example shown is X-FEED.

End caps

— Polycarbonate body. Available colours: black RAL9005 (B), grey RAL7035 (G) and white RAL9010 (W)
— Green PBT insert
— PVC adhesive label

Example shown is end cap for track with locking screw.

light that moves with you

We've got a track for that

No matter the shape, size or application of the track – we have a track (and all the pieces) to achieve your ideal lighting solution.

Get Excited to move

The process is easy!


Tell us exactly what you need

Tell us what you are looking for; surface mounted or suspended; L-shaped or rounded; black or grey? The possibilities are endless!


We'll design the perfect track lighting solution

We will design a track lighting solution based on your project requirements, budget and specification.


Enjoy your Flexible Lighting solution!

You now have the correct lengths, accessories, adaptors and tools required to install your brand new lighting track system. Enjoy!

Want a quote or design proposal?

Contact our track lighting experts to put forward potential solutions and provide you with what you need.