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Accessories for Micro Track System

The latest development from A.A.G. Stucchi is the MicroTrack family. This low-voltage family of track is born of necessity to miniaturize components and infrastructure. A great focus has been placed on greatly reducing the dimensions, resulting in a product that can make a difference in lighting projects where aesthetics and attention to detail are fundamental such as in residential, retail and gallery lighting projects.

Like the MultiSystem, the MicroTrack range offers different track profiles to give the maximum flexibility to lighting projects. All the tracks have the same “smart core” with integrated DATABUS for light control by Dali, 0-10V etc and a full range of accessories, available from Holders, mean it is easy to switch to this new, most modern track solution.

Accessories include track adapters, suspension kits, live and dead ends and jointers and tools for installation.

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