Holders Technology New Zealand Ltd (Holders NZ) is pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology Australia PTY Ltd (Holders Australia).

Holders Technology has been a strategic Casambi partner since 2016 and represents Casambi, as well as over 30 Casambi ecosystem partners in several European countries, including the UK and Germany, as well as in New Zealand.  Holders NZ, a lighting controls company specialising in Casambi wireless solutions, provides local sales specification expertise, technical support and project commissioning services.  The launch of Holders Australia allows the company to extend its geographical presence in Australasia and provide local sales specification, technical support and project commissioning services to the Australian market.


Wayne Reddecliffe, General Manager of Holders Australia said, “We are very happy to announce the launch of Holders Technology in Australia.  With our range of Casambi ecosystem products and expertise in Casambi technology and project services, we look forward to further supporting and growing the Australian market.”


For more information about Holders Australia, please refer to, or contact Wayne Reddecliffe at