Holders Launch Holders Technology Austria GmbH

Holders are pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology Austria GmbH.  The company will focus on the marketing and promotion of all Casambi related business, by offering a complete range of Casambi ecosystem products as well as all required project services.  The company will offer these products and services to the Austrian, Swiss, Czech and Slovakian markets.

The company is a joint venture between Holders Technology Plc, Exceedation Sales GmbH and Florian Weithaler.  Victoria Blaisdell, Group Managing Director of Holders Technology Plc commented; ‘We’re thrilled to be extending the geographical coverage of our Casambi business and working with both Gerhard Rieser and Florian Weithaler, in order to achieve this.’  Gerhard Rieser, Managing Director of Exceedation Sales said, ‘The lighting industry is moving closer to a more connected digital world and we are very excited to be part of this great opportunity and working closely with our technology partner, Casambi‘.

To find out more about Holders Technology GmbH Austria, please refer to www.holderstechnology.at or contact austria@holderstechnology.com.