Holders Technology plc and Casambox Ltd launch Holders Technology New Zealand Limited

Holders Technology plc and Casambox Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology New Zealand Limited (Holders NZ).  Holders NZ is a Joint Venture between the two companies and Wayne Reddecliffe (General Manager), also a shareholder.

Holders Technology has been a strategic Casambi partner since 2016 and represents Casambi, as well as over 30 Casambi ecosystem partners in several European countries, including the UK and Germany.  Casambox, a lighting controls company in New Zealand specialising in Casambi wireless solutions, provides local sales specification expertise, technical support and project commissioning services.  Wayne Reddecliffe brings a wealth of experience from across the lighting and electrical industry from the past 20 years, with a focus on providing customer centric solutions, supported by strong customer relationships throughout New Zealand.  Wayne is looking forward to leading the Holders team for continued growth, enabling Casambi controls to be accessible for all applications.

Victoria Blaisdell, Group Managing Director of Holders Technology plc commented, “We are very excited to be expanding our geographical coverage and launching Holders Technology New Zealand today.  This new joint venture combines a successful sale, technical and project services team in New Zealand, with Holders’ significant Casambi project experience, supplier relationships and data analytics expertise.”

Nelson Duder, Director of Casambox Ltd said, “The collaboration between Casambox and Holders presents an excellent opportunity for our clients here in New Zealand, benefiting from the direct access to global products and expertise of the Holders group alongside our dedicated Casambi sales and technical team based in Auckland and Christchurch.”

For more information about Holders NZ, please refer to www.holderstechnology.co.nz, or contact Wayne Reddecliffe at wayne@holderstechnology.co.nz.