Holders Technology Data Analytics Launch

Holders are pleased to announce the launch of Holders Technology Data Analytics. This exciting new joint venture between Holders Technology Plc and Senson BV (holding company of Sentistic BV), will provide data visualisation and valuable insights based on data from the Casambi wireless lighting control system, as well as other third-party data sources.  Access to a Holders API is also possible for integration to the client’s BMS.

Victoria Blaisdell, Group Managing Director of Holders Technology Plc said, “We are very happy to be announcing this joint venture with Sentistic and believe that our solution provides customers with an easy way to manage their data requirements in any building.”  Justin Groot, Managing Director of Sentistic BV commented, “The Casambi wireless infrastructure provides a secure and risk-free backbone to enable data collection and analytics in any building, for both lighting and non-lighting applications.  We look forward to working with Holders in this joint venture.”

To find out more about Holders Technology Data Analytics Ltd, please contact analytics@holderstechnology.com or, please refer to www.holderscomponents.com/holders-smart-building/