Intelligent Systems for Smart Buildings

Welcome to a new way of operating a building – a smarter one.

Protect your occupants with air quality monitoring.


Get alerted if your environment becomes unsafe.

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Monitor occupancy levels and ensure your occupants always have a space available.

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Enable sensors to automatically open windows when the building becomes too warm.

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Manage your emergency lighting remotely and get automated reports to locate any faults.

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Track the location of your asset and safeguard your valuable inventory.

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Track the energy consumption of your built estate remotely. Finetune settings for optimal energy efficiency.

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Get Connected

Imagine buildings that anticipate your needs. Lighting that adjusts to occupancy levels, air purifiers that clear away contaminants, and energy grids that hum with optimized efficiency. This isn’t science fiction – it’s the reality within reach with Holders Technology’s suite of smart city solutions.

We are at the forefront of the urban revolution, empowering intelligent building services that enhance every facet of life. From intelligent buildings that minimize energy consumption and asset tracking via connected infrastructure that self-diagnoses and repairs, our solutions create a dynamic urban ecosystem that thrives on data and connectivity.

Our Digital Services

Digital services weave magic into smart buildings, orchestrating comfort, minimizing waste, and transforming data into personalized experiences, making them sustainable, efficient, and ever-adapting to your needs.

Asset tracking

Keep track of your business' most valuable assets and leave nothing to chance.

Air Quality Monitoring

Look after your building's occupants and keep contaminants away.

Energy Management

Save money by cutting down energy bills and do your part to help the environment.

Emergency Lighting

Stay compliant - effortlessly thanks do data analytics which send you automated reports.

Why Choose Holders

We've been in business for 50 Years

Established in 1972, we plan to be here in another 50 years.

We represent over 40 Known brands

Our list of suppliers are some of the most reputable brands.

Supplied to very complex projects

We are fortunate to have supplied to big projects.

We Offer Complementary Services

We offer a full suite of project services to help support you..

Digital Services Built for Tomorrow

Ready to futureproof your built estate?

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