About EnOcean

EnOcean is a pioneering company at the forefront of wireless energy harvesting technology and IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. Established in 2001, EnOcean has been instrumental in revolutionizing the way energy is harvested and utilized in various applications.

Their innovative approach enables self-powered wireless sensors and switches, eliminating the need for batteries and wiring, thus offering unprecedented flexibility and cost-efficiency in building automation, smart homes, and industrial IoT deployments. EnOcean’s energy harvesting technology harnesses ambient energy sources such as light, motion, and temperature differentials to power their devices, ensuring sustainability and reliability.

With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, EnOcean continues to drive advancements in wireless sensor networks, enabling smarter, more energy-efficient environments worldwide.

enocean technology

Just because energy is invisible to the naked eye doesn’t mean it isn’t present. We’ve all flipped switches, felt temperature changes, and basked in sunlight.

It might seem incredible for such natural occurrences to generate enough energy for radio transmission. However, that’s exactly where our innovative and sustainable technology derives its power. 

Our wireless sensors and self-powered switches gather energy from their surroundings, including motion, light, and temperature variances.

How it works


Energy Collecting

Energy collecting remote sensors gather and deal with the littlest measure of energy from their current circumstance.


Super low Power

Energy the executives and exceptionally productive energy stockpiling are critical to remote innovation for without battery remote sensor arrangements.



EnOcean utilizes remote guidelines advanced for arrangements with super low power utilization and energy reaping.

Radio Technology

EnOcean advocates for diversified approaches in implementing self-powered wireless sensor solutions. Our focus is on interoperability, ensuring that no single system holds exclusive reliance. EnOcean drives the standardization of energy collection across various norms, broadening the scope of this innovation for diverse applications.

 Collaborating within Holders Technology’s teams, we leverage our expertise to advance three wireless standards, particularly suited for low-energy and cost-effective applications.

Expert Engineers

Holders Technology’s Dispatching team ensures successful completion of charging and handover to the customer. Additionally, we offer ongoing support through maintenance packages, minimizing operational risks and reducing costs associated with downtime, site visits, and energy wastage.

SUPPORT Administrations

Partnering with Holders Technology enables building owners and their management teams to focus on additional value-added tasks, such as emergency lighting reporting or energy management.


Explore the limitless possibilities with the world's leading wireless lighting control solutions

project services

From hardware to maintenance packages, we take care of everything

EnOcean ecosystem

With an ever growing ecosystem, Enocean is compatible with all sorts of components

Holders Data analytics

Manage your building's energy efficiency, emergency lighting and spaces all remotely

Super low Power

Self-powered wireless sensor solutions

EnOcean provides self-powered wireless sensor solutions, essential for intelligent data collection and processing. Craft your custom solutions using self-powered EnOcean modules. What sets them apart? They integrate micro-energy converters with ultra-low power electronics and reliable wireless communication.

EnOcean protocol’s specific features are perfect for highly efficient communication. Holders Technology seamlessly integrates into these modules, boosting their functionality and dependability. Since most energy harvesters produce minimal power, it’s crucial to accumulate it over time during system dormancy, with minimal loss.

EnOcean sensors excel here with extremely low idle current, ensuring efficiency even during inactive periods, supported by Holders Technology. The newest EnOcean energy harvesting wireless sensors, enhanced by Holders Technology, boast standby currents of merely 100 nano amperes (nA) or less.

Energy Harvesting

Ever felt that invigorating rush when sunlight touches your skin on a summer day or when you breathe in the fresh forest air? If so, you’re already familiar with the concept of energy harvesting, capturing energy from natural sources like sunlight or wind to power devices. Holders Technology specializes in crafting self-powered sensors and switches that operate on this principle.

Their devices harness energy from temperature shifts, light variations, and motion changes, eliminating the need for batteries or wires, which in turn makes them more economical and eco-friendly. We offer maintenance-free sensor solutions for diverse applications, from IoT and smart homes to industrial setups and buildings. By blending miniaturized energy harvesters with ultra-low-power wireless tech, our solutions ensure reliability and efficiency.

Our innovation doesn’t stop at remote switches; we also produce window contact sensors and water sensors. These employ cutting-edge materials, like swellable substances, to detect environmental changes and prevent water damage. Overall, Holders Technology is dedicated to harnessing energy harvesting principles to develop pioneering and sustainable solutions across various domains.

How it works

Energy from Motion

Did you realize that simply pressing a button releases enough energy to activate switches, controlling lights and appliances? At Holders Technology, we utilize electro-mechanical energy converters in our battery-free modules to capture this energy, enabling switches to transmit radio messages and function without batteries.

Our switches offer a versatile range of controls, from basic on/off switches to more intricate sliding and rotating controls suitable for lighting, heating, entertainment, or security systems.

What’s remarkable is that these energy-capturing switches seamlessly integrate with traditional models, making them user-friendly for everyone in the household. Moreover, our innovation extends beyond switches to include window contact sensors and water sensors, all powered by energy-harvesting technology. These sensors utilize a special material to activate the converter, detecting open windows or water leaks and averting potential damage, whether it’s under a washer or in the bath.

Holders Technology is dedicated to developing inventive solutions that utilize ambient energy to power everyday devices, ensuring convenience, sustainability, and peace of mind for users.

Energy from light

Small solar cells on our remote sensor modules capture sunlight and convert it into energy. They’re not demanding; just 200 lux or less is sufficient. This enables sensors for humidity, temperature, window contacts, or presence detection to function.

Remarkably, these sensors store energy internally, ensuring a power supply for up to four days without the need for additional energy sources. Furthermore, Holders Technology sensor modules utilize this energy for low-energy wireless standard communication.

Energy from temperature

It’s remarkable that a mere 2-degree Celsius temperature difference can generate enough energy for a wireless sensor to operate. All we need is a Peltier component and a DC/DC converter. This approach is excellent, especially for self-powered heating valves. They utilize the temperature difference between the heater and the surroundings to adjust settings and communicate via radio with a solar-powered room controller.