The Group has operated for many years as a distributor of specialised and consumable materials to the PCB industry in the UK and continental Europe.  The European PCB industry has strengths in the defence, aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. 

The Group continues to pursue a PCB strategy based on dual positioning: both as a low-cost source of standard products used throughout the industry; and as an exclusive supplier of technically sophisticated products to the PCB sector. 

The Group’s Lighting and Control Solutions (LCS) product activities range from the sale of lighting components to supporting customers with the design and assembly of complete light engine solutions.  LCS divisions also offer a complete ecosystem of wireless lighting control products, as well as smart lighting and smart building solutions.  

Our lighting and wireless controls strategy is to provide a competitive and complementary premium product range for our selected markets, enhanced by strong technical support, services and industry knowledge.

Overall, PCB operations provide a steady profitable revenue stream, and Lighting and Controls operations offer the opportunity for higher growth/ higher margin returns.  In combination they also allow certain efficiency gains.